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Universidade Federal de Ciências da Saúde de Porto Alegre (UFCSPA), Rua Sarmento Leite, 245 - Porto Alegre - RS - BRAZIL

CEP 90050-170



Cristiano Bonato Both is an associate professor of the Exact and Applied Social Sciences Department (DECESA) at the Universidade Federal de Ciências da Saúde de Porto Alegre (UFCSPA) (2015). He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (2011), where he also accomplished a post-doctoral period (2013). At UFCSPA, he is currently the coordinator of the Pattern Detection and Signal Analysis Group (DPAS) and coordinator of the Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (NITE). He is an investigator on research projects funded by H2020 EU-Brazil, CNPq, FAPERGS, and RNP.


Reasearch Interest

Cristiano is involved with research activities on wireless networks, signal processing, computer network architecture, and software-defined networking publishing his scientific works in journals with high impact factor, such as IEEE Communication Magazine, IEEE Wireless Communications, Computer Networks Journal (Elsevier), Journal of Network and Computer Applications (Springer), etc. He has a history of dedication to research activities, such as the organization of scientific events, participation in the Technical Program Committee of relevant symposia, and reviewer of relevant journals. Cristiano is also engaged in supervising and education activities on undergraduate and graduate courses on the Computer Science area.


Most Relevant Publications

  1. Service Migration from Cloud to Multi-tier Fog Nodes for Multimedia Dissemination with QoE Support
  2. Software-defined handover decision engine for heterogeneous cloud radio access networks
  3. Characterizing the Relation between Processing Power and Distance between BBU and RRH in a Cloud RAN
  4. Resource sharing in heterogeneous cloud radio access networks
  5. Managing mobile cloud computing considering objective and subjective perspectives
  6. Software-defined networking: management requirements and challenges
  7. Adaptive Monte Carlo algorithm to global radio resources optimization in H-CRAN
  8. Unsupervised Segmentation and Classification of Snoring Events for Mobile Health
  9. Maestro: An NFV Orchestrator for Wireless Environments Aware of VNF Internal Compositions
  10. Design considerations for software-defined wireless networking in heterogeneous cloud radio access networks