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University Extension

University Extension is understood as a core activity of Higher Education Institutions. It is an educational, cultural and scientific process that articulates, extends, develops and feeds Education and Research, as much as it enables the articulation of the ever-evolving relationship between the educational institution and society.

Extension is inseparable from Education and Research, complementing both as it provides material for Research and reason for Education. By articulating modes of action, it promotes social inclusion and democratization of knowledge, shaping itself through courses, events, service provisions, projects and programs.

The institutionalization of the UFCSPA extension policy is linked around two axes: a set of rules and regulations governing the development of its activities, and the fostering of a group of professors that will strengthen the activities promoted.

The Dean’s Extension and Community Affairs Office consists of three departments: the Department of Extension, the Department of Community Affairs and the Department of NEAD, besides its Extension Office.

The proposals for Extension activities are initially discussed within each Department of Education; if approved, such proposals are forwarded to the Extension Office. Later on, under the responsibility of the Extension Office, they are assessed on a basis of relevance and forwarded to CONSEPE for further consideration.

The Institution has an Extension Scholarship Program, managed by the Dean’s Extension and Community Affairs Office, aiming to enable and encourage participation of undergraduate students in programs and extension projects, giving priority to the thematic areas of culture, education, human rights, environment and health. It also features an Extension and Culture Support Program, seeking to support the development of activities with the participation of professors, administrative staff and students.

The principles governing Extension activities at UFCSPA are related to the inseparability of Extension, Research and Education; the recognition of the Extension activity as an academic activity; multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary activities; the bond and commitment to target populations, as well as the definition of priority populations and territories.

The Dean’s Extension and Community Affairs Office has encouraged the expansion of the extension program as an activity of continuous scientific improvement, since the implementation of learning in outlying areas is a way to qualify professional learning and strengthen civic education.

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