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UFCSPA’s undergraduate courses ensure a thorough higher education and enable students to work in the health care area chosen upon graduation. In these courses the student will acquire knowledge and capacity for self-directed learning, as well as develop attitudes and skills that enable competent, critical and ethical professional performance based on a humanistic perspective, on multidisciplinary team work and on the current health system organization in Brazil.

Each course holds a Course Coordinator and a Vice-Coordinator, working as a Substitute Coordinator. Besides being managed by an Undergraduate Commission, COMGRAD, each course has a Structuring Teaching Center, NDE, a segment of the pedagogical-didactic management structure in the teaching-learning relationship.

The undergraduate courses’ curricula consist of compulsory subjects (theoretical, theoretical-practical, and practical), elective subjects, compulsory internships and complementary activities.


Universidade Federal de Ciências da Saúde de Porto Alegre
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